Friday, April 5, 2013

Treats From Afar!

Sea Jerky treats for me and my Babies! (They won't eat much, so I don't mind sharing.)
What a surprise! A couple of days ago our friend and neighbor delivered the best mail there is: Treats For Me!
A nice lady out in California who works for a veterinarian and is a long-time friend of Dad sent me two big tubs of Sea Jerky treats. They smell so good that I thought Mom was going to eat them!
They are supposed to help keep my hips and joints from stiffening up. I'll admit, though I may look ageless, Time catches up even to me, and I've felt a little less than limber some mornings.
If it means maintaining my health, I suppose I'm willing to eat the delicious sea weed treats.
Thank you Nice Lady out in California!
Lots of Licks,


  1. Hi Billie-Girl. So nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by our blog. We think you hit the jackpot with those two big tubs of sea jerky!!! Our packages say they are dental treats, but it looks like maybe they are good for our joints too - there are lots of omega-3's in them too. We are off to explore some of your older posts to learn more about you.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    1. Good Morning Woo Pack!
      Thank you for coming ashore my little island in the Internet Ocean. Enjoy the exploring. I'm off to dig up the details about my friend's puppy rescue mission for another post. Happy Saturday!


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