Sunday, April 7, 2013

Potcake Puppy Lift

It's Sunday, and I always like to look nice on Sunday when I go to church, otherwise known as laying in the sun on the front porch.

Dredlock Dog? Maybe not.

What to wear, what to wear, what to wear?
Lady Dog In Red? No, I'll save this for Date Night.
Potcake Bandana/Collar?
I think I'll go with the Potcake collar today.
What is a "Potcake Bandana or Collar", you ask? Only some of the most comfortable, gorgeous neckwear out there! (And that's coming from an avowed doggie nudist...since I don't have to wear my collar around the house here on the island.)
Potcake Collar It Is!

Potcake Collars is a canine fashion designer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They offer high-quality tropical print collars, bandanas, and leashes all made in the U.S.A.

My favorite is the Hawaiian Sling...

 (image from Potcake Collars site)

...or maybe the Rainforest...
(image from Potcake Collars site)

...definitely the Mako Marie. Yep. 
The Mako Marie is my favorite. (Hint, Hint, Dad!) I just wish this design's namesake, the face of Potcake Collars was still with us. Sadly, Mako has passed on to the great beach in the sky, but I think when she got to the Great Dog she whispered in her ear and asked her to send some comfort to the humans she left behind. She must have, otherwise how did they wind up with this sweet, unbelievably cute Potcake, named Tiki Marie?

Tiki Marie (image from Potcake Collars Blog)

Well, she didn't just appear on their doorstep, I'll tell you that much. The folks over at Potcake Collars along with the Humane Society of Grand Bahama organized the rescue, adoption, airlifting and intermediary care of about 90 Potcake puppies and dogs. These canines were rescued from the streets, from being trapped in abandoned vehicles, from starvation, neglect, and abuse. They were flown from Freeport to Fort Lauderdale, where big-hearted volunteers worked together to exercise the dogs, clean their cages (flying can make you sick to your stomach!), and get them aboard their second flight to furever families waiting for them out west. In the process a certain big-eared beauty and a certain canine fashion designer/potcake dog activist fell in love. What wonderful people, wouldn't you agree, my furry friends? How wonderful that so many people care about their fellow creatures enough to take them away from miserable lives that would've been cut short by starvation, disease and who knows what else. 
I give Potcake Collars and the Humane Society of Grand Bahama two paws up for giving so many dogs a second chance at life. Enjoy Florida, Tiki Marie, and if you're ever in the Exumas come see me! I'll share some fish with you.
Until then, I'll keep on spreading the good word from over there at Potcake Collars: 
"Bark, Play, Relax!"


  1. Thanks Billie! Maybe someday you and Tiki will meet up!

    1. I would love that, Scott! I'll have to order a new collar to look my best for that day. :-)

  2. Oh yes! I'm liking that look Billie!
    Keep it up! You sure would make a wonderful fashion Dog!!!
    Enid x

    1. Thank you, Enid!
      I don't always wear clothes, but when I do, I wear Potcake Collars...or Rasta hats...or whatever my parents think will look "cute". Sigh.
      All the best!

    2. Thank you for the plug, Billie-girl - love your story and photos too!


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