Thursday, May 3, 2012

First Bark Post

Hello, Friends!
As you can tell, I am on "island time". I intended to get this first Bark out by April 30th. By "island time" standards that just means that it won't happen BEFORE April 30th, so by "island time" standards I'm not late!
Most of you visiting my Barking Area probably got here by reading about my blog at the end of my book, Billie-Girl's Ruff Life. I'd like to say thank you for buying my...what? Oh fine, Mom, "our" book. You've helped us be able to contribute the green stuff to the Bahamas Humane Society and the U.S. Humane Society. Hooray for preventing cruelty & neglect!

Now on to the fun stuff!
As you may or may not know....
I'm Billie-Girl and I live in the Bahamas. I was thrown out of a car as a puppy and eventually wound up with my non-furry family living in the Bahamas. We have lots of adventures down here. My latest was due to my Mom's warped sense of humor. Dad found a Chicken Boa (colloquial name for local non-venomous small boa constrictor) skin shed and brought it up to show Mom. She got me wound up and made me think it was a real snake. Even though I know they are not dangerous and are good to have around I still forget sometimes and get excited. When I get excited I want to chase what I'm excited about. *Sigh. Well, anyways, enjoy the video below.

Have a great day and share your adventures with Nature with me!


  1. Billie-Girl, I love your book and your blog. So glad you posted! As for your mom's trick, YIKES I'm just glad it wasn't real! Not that you couldn't have handled it, but, you know . . .

  2. Thank you, BLB. I love your blog as well. It's so vivid I feel like I'm there...wink wink, nudge nudge. Yes, I could have handled it, had it been a real one...make sure you tell Momma that next time!


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