Sunday, June 24, 2012

Public Humiliation

I have to ask, do any of you other dogs out there have to endure this sort of public humiliation? My humans like to dress me up according to whichever peopl-ish holiday it is, snap photos, and post them on facebook. Yes, on facebook...where hundreds of other people can see them. It's downright degrading, it is. I endure it, though, and do ya know why? Well, those two nearly fur-less humans of mine are just so cute, and, really, how can you say "No" to them? Though it's difficult to see here, I allowed myself to be festooned with lace ribbon & flowers for my humans' wedding.

I have been cruising around the internet a bit lately, and 
discovered that I am not the only canine who has humans fascinated by themed outfits. Over at Sarge Speaks Out poor Frankie Furter is trotted out in flowers, pajamas, a Grinch outfit, and dresses. I gotta say, though, Frankie looks quite dashing in front of a ya'll get it..."dashing", "sleigh"? Anyway, there is further evidence of Frankie Furter's tremendous patience on his personal page. I would love to hear any of your wardrobe victories, malfunctions, or horrors. Use the comment box below to Bark or Yip about what you endure for the sake of seeing your fur-less pets smile.

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  1. Hi There Billie....Just checking in to see how you're doing!

    Amber DaWeenie and the Pack


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